The Three Musketeers – The Battery/Starting/Charging Systems And How They Relate To Each Other




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Over 90% of all new cars sold today use “Start Stop” technology to reduce fuel consumption and, as a result, emissions, and Greenhouse gasses. But this system puts a tremendous strain on the battery, especially in urban areas. The conventional lead acid battery can’t handle the job so the AGM, EFB and now lithium-ion batteries are being used in its place. And what about the loads placed on the starter motor? Is that doing to reduce the starter’s longevity?


Replenishing the energy expended in the starting process falls on the shoulders of the charging system. But even then, the engineers must be concerned about the impact the charging system has on fuel economy and emissions. It can be a hard balancing act to maintain and when something goes wrong, the problems can ripple outward and effect other systems on the vehicle.

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