ASE Test Prep – Car & Light Truck Training Package

This Car & Light Truck Training Package gives you full access for five years to ebooks and practice tests for the entire A-Series, L1 and the G1, as well as 8 technical webinars covering topics that will help you better understand the tasks you’ll come across as you prepare for AND PASS your ASE certification tests.

This Car & Light Truck Training Package includes:

A-Series eBooks and Practice Tests are the most recent Motor Age Training ASE Study Guides for the A-series. This set provides the knowledge necessary for technicians to successfully prepare for and pass all 9 ASE certification exams. Each study guide provides detailed information on the required Car & Light Truck topics, including an exam task list of topics required to obtain your ASE certification. The Motor Age Training Study Guides are easy-to-read with detailed illustrations and real-life examples. The Study Guides also contain ASE practice test questions, written in the style of the ASE exam, as well as answers explaining why a particular answer is correct. This package includes the entire Car & Light Truck series (Set of all 9 books):

  • (A1) Engine Repair
  • (A2) Automatic Transmission
  • (A3) Manual Drive train
  • (A4) Steering & Suspension
  • (A5) Brakes
  • (A6) Electronic/Electrical Systems
  • (A7) Heating & A/C
  • (A8) Engine Performance
  • (A9) Light Vehicle Diesel Engines

L1 eBook and Practice Test – The ASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance provides detailed illustrations and the most current L1 certification task list provided by ASE for anyone preparing for the exam. Most importantly, this books contains details on the L1 Composite Vehicle Type 4, which is essential for passing the certification exam. The topics covered in this edition of the ASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance study guide are details on:

  • General Powertrain Diagnosis
  • Computerized Powertrain Controls Diagnosis (Including OBD II)
  • Ignition System Diagnosis
  • Fuel And Air Induction Systems Diagnosis
  • Emission Control Systems Diagnosis
  • I/M Failure Diagnosis
  • L1 Composite Vehicle Type 4

G1 eBook and Practice Test – The ASE G1 Auto Maintenance and Light Repair study guide and practice test offers detailed illustrations and the most current G1 certification task list provided by ASE for anyone preparing for the exam. The topics covered in this edition of the ASE G1 Auto Maintenance and Light Repair study guide are details on:

  • Engine Systems
  • Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • Manual Drive Train And Axles
  • Suspension And Steering
  • Brakes
  • Electrical
  • Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning
  • A/C Service Challenges – Today and Tomorrow – Servicing A/C systems into the future will be unlike anything you’re used to from the past. R1234yf systems, as well as certain heat pump designs used on hybrid and EV platforms, are coming out of factory warranty and headed to your shop for service and repair. New systems using R152a are around the corner, adding to the challenge of staying prepared to service your customer’s needs. And that’s just the start.
  • Applying Advanced Drivability Diagnostic Processes to the Real World – Trainer and Motor Age Technical Editor Brandon Steckler will explain the theory behind the use of pressure transducers and delta sensors to diagnose engine problems with minimal disassembly, saving shops time and customers money. And he’ll put that theory into action, showing the practical side of these testing methods, acquiring captures from a test vehicle and analyzing the captured data with our online audience.
  • EVAP Systems – Operation and Troubleshooting – This webinar featuring Pete Meier from Motor Age and G. Truglia from TST explores the operation of a variety of EVAP system designs and demonstrates testing of various components. The discussion covers system operation, vent and purge valves, lines, the charcoal canister, gas tank, as well as gas caps and “capless” systems. Pete and G will show you a number of techniques you can use to find even small leaks using a smoke machine, ultrasound and CO2.
  • Everyday Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques Webinar – Do your hands get sweaty when the service writer hands you a ticket with an electrical concern? Firm up your foundational knowledge and make it your own while learning practical testing techniques that will help you successfully find and fix common electrical problems. This webinar featuring Pete Meier of Motor Age and G Truglia from Technicians Service Training (TST) covers essential testing techniques you can use to speed up your electrical diagnosis and find problems that are disguising themselves as electrical faults. Learn why reading voltage on the ground side of a circuit is a bad thing, how current can be used to test a variety of issues, tricks for locating those pesky parasitic battery drains, and more!
  • How to Perform a Professional Brake Job – This webinar featuring Pete Meier of Motor Age and G. Truglia of Technicians Service Training (TST) provides a variety of tips to help you do the most professional brake job possible. Discover ways to prevent noisy brakes, avoid setting the stage for brake pedal pulsation and more.
  • Inside Fuel Trim – How To Make Money With These Important Data PIDs – Overall drivability and vehicle performance is dependent on the engine receiving everything it needs in the right amount and at the right time. When that doesn’t happen, the Engine Control Module will try to compensate – and that typically shows up in the STFT and LTFT data PIDs you see on your scan tool. But does a correction ALWAYS indicate a “lean” or “rich” fuel condition? Or can the numbers be affected by something else? Find out in this webinar featuring Pete Meier of Motor Age and G. Truglia of Technicians Service Training (TST).
  • P0420 Diagnostics Webinar – The P0420/P0430 DTCs related to catalytic converter efficiency are among the Top 10 DTCs technicians deal with on a regular basis. It’s easy to assume by the description that the converter itself has failed – and it just may have. But more often than not there is another culprit hiding in the wings that either caused the death of the converter or the code itself. In this webinar Pete Meier of Motor Age and G. Truglia of Technicians Service Training (TST) share testing methods and tips to help you successfully correct the problem the first time around.
  • Nothing Routine About Routine Maintenance – In this seminar, Motor Age Director of Training Pete Meier will show you common mistakes technicians are making every day while performing common maintenance and repair services – and the real cost to both the shop and the consumer that occurs as a result. He’ll also show the correct processes and procedures that you can put into place in your shop immediately – small changes that will result in greater customer satisfaction and lower comebacks!