Is the transmission to blame? (Part 3)




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Date: August 21, 2024 | 1:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM CST Presenter: Wayne Colonna, ATSG

Transmission issues don’t always mean transmission malfunction. Often in-depth diagnosis reveals problems with other components that can make technicians believe the issues are transmission related. In this three-part series, ATSG experts will present case studies from their troubleshooting calls with professional technicians. Offering transmission diagnosis and repair support for shops, the Automatic Transmission Service Group encounters a broad spectrum of issues through its call center.

This series will highlight vehicle-specific problems that can help you troubleshoot issues in your bays, and help you realize some of those transmission issues aren’t faulty transmissions after all.

Part 3 Discussion Topics:

  • 2006 PATHFINDER – No start and communication issue after rebuild.
  • 2007 TOYOTA COROLLA WITH 245E TRANSMISSION – P0741 and a 2-3 flare along with B2799 immobilizer code.
  • 2011 TOYOTA CAMRY WITH U760E TRANSMISSION – Sets code P0715.
  • 2011 TOYOTA CAMRY WITH U760E TRANSMISSION – U0101 code after changing the TCM.
  • 2005 TUNDRA WITH 750F TRANSMISSION – TCC shudder complaint.
  • 2010 GRAND CARAVAN 3.8L WITH 62TE TRANSMISSION – Setting code P0882.
  • 2010 GRAND CARAVAN 3.8L WITH 62TE TRANSMISSION – Intermittent no start, may start in neutral and dash lights illuminated.
  • DODGE PROMASTER VAN – Vehicle design is problematic.
  • FORD TRANSIT VANS FROM 2015-2018 – Various trouble codes stored with drivability concerns, such as misfires, starting difficulty and an illuminated MIL.
  • 2013 FORD F250, 4WD AND A 6.7L DIESEL WITH 6R140 – Delayed engagement into reverse.

    About the Presenter

    Wayne Colonna began his career in the automatic transmission field 49 years ago. In January of 1991 he joined Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG) as a Technical Field Advisor. In 2001 he assumed the role of Technical Editor for Transmission Digest and was appointed President for ATSG. In 2018, ETE Reman purchased ATSG where Wayne functioned as ETE’s Director of Quality and now Technical Director while also serving as ATSG President.