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Our ATSG 6L80 Technical Manual contains procedures necessary to diagnose, overhaul and/or repair the new 6L80 (6 Speed) transmission from General Motors.

The Hydra 6L80 is a fully automatic, six speed, rear wheel drive, electronic controlled transmission that features clutch to clutch shifting. It was first introduced in the 2006 Corvette with the 6.0L engine, Cadillac STSV/XLRV with the 4.4L engine, and is scheduled for Pick-ups in 2007, as shown in Figure 1. It consists primarily of a four element torque converter, two planetary gear sets, five clutch packs, one sprag and a hydraulic pressurization and control system. Two planetary gear sets provide the six forward gear ratios and reverse. Changing gear ratios is fully automatic and is accomplished through the use of a Transmission Control Module (TCM), that is located within the transmission. The TCM receives and monitors various electronic sensor inputs, and uses this information to shift the transmission at the optimum time. The TCM commands shift solenoids and variable bleed Clutch Pressure Control (CPC) solenoids within the transmission to control shift timing. The TCM controls shift feel through the CPC solenoids. The TCM also controls the apply and release of the torque converter clutch which allows the engine to deliver the maximum fuel efficiency without sacrificing vehicle performance.

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