Using the Ford IDS with Mark DeKoster

The Ford Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS) is a very complex laptop based system. That is why AVI presents this in-depth program with Mark DeKoster so you can learn the features and functions to use this system more effectively. The IDS was made to be used with a VCM (vehicle control module) or VMM (vehicle measurement module) and this course is specific to the VCM. Mark begins with a breakdown of the setups, system information tabs, utilities menu, and how/why to use system modes and training mode. He then goes into an overview of navigation and setup procedures. He shows you where the engine checks are (the Tool Box tab), automated tests for TPS, EGR, MAF, cooling fans and network tests. He covers directional tabs (the driveability concerns menu) and gives you fundamental information on using the data logger, which is where you find output state controls and graphing. Mark provides hands-on testing for the fuel pump, injectors, EVAP, relative compression test, EGR, engine parameters, body control parameters and more. He also covers the new parameters and network tests.

Runtime: 105 minutes

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson