Undercover Hybrid No-Starts

Your customer says “My Jeep won’t start.  Do you think it’s my hybrid battery?”  You might ask yourself . . . “did they really say hybrid battery?  Is their Jeep even a hybrid? Did they really mean their 12-volt battery?”  

 More vehicles are becoming electrified with technologies that are vastly different from the traditional Toyota Prius or Honda Insight you may be familiar with.  Get updated on the latest in hybrid and plug in hybrid vehicle technologies and no-start diagnostics by completing this AVI program brought to you by Delphi Technologies instructor Dave Hobbs.  


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Review traditional hybrid components
  • Apply case study situations to gain knowledge of common no start problems
  • Reduce misdiagnosis due to meter quirks / operator errors
  • Reduce potential for meter / scope damage during diagnostics
  • Encourage common sense and observation skills on troubleshooting PHEV starting problems
  • Perform correct power down procedures on modern PHEV/BEVs
  • Identify changes HEV and PHEV motor arrangements

Runtime = 92 minutes
Credit Hours = 2.25

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson