The Top 10 Brake Service Mistakes

Mark your calendars and join us February 26, 2022 at 6 p.m. Eastern for this Motor Age Training/TST webinar!

Brake service is one of the “bread and butter” services every shop offers and because it is relatively routine, it is also easy to overlook the finer points of performing these services properly. The result? Brake noise, vibration, and excessive wear – ultimately resulting in a dissatisfied customer.

Join Motor Age Training’s Pete Meier and TST President G. Jerry Truglia or this “live” webinar that will showcase the most common mistakes techs make when inspecting, servicing and repairing today’s brake systems and learn how to perform these services professionally. Adding that extra touch will not only allow you to charge a premium for your service but will also increase your customer satisfaction and referral rates.

This training opportunity is offered to you FREE, thanks to the support and our partnership with Duralast. Register today!


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