The ECM – Engine Control Module OR Emissions Control Module

The ECM’s number one job is to alert the driver when a vehicle’s emissions being produced have exceeded federal certification by 1.5x or more! Its real name should be the “Emissions Control Module”!

And when it comes to tailpipe emissions, it’s all about keeping the catalytic converter happy. How? By ensuring that the feed gasses from the engine to the converter are maintained in a very narrow range of Lambda 1.000 +/- .005. To make that happen, the ECM relies on a variety of engine management sensors and actuators. The sensors supply the information the ECM needs to carry out its programming and the actuators are the foot soldiers that do the work commanded by the ECM.
In this special webinar, the last of 2022, Pete Meier and G. Truglia welcome Delphi Senior Instructor Dave Hobbs to the shop. And who better? Delphi is a Tier One supplier of engine management components to the OEMs – they are the parts your customers’ cars came with! Together, we’ll show you how important it is that these systems function as one, and how to test and service the various systems when somebody is out of step. We’ll focus especially on the fuel side of the ECM’s air/fuel management and help you gain a deeper understanding of these high-tech systems work.

Mark the date! November 19, 2022 at 6 p.m. Eastern. This webinar is made available FREE thanks to the sponsorship by our good friends at Delphi!

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Founder/President of Technicians Service Training (TST), G. Jerry Truglia has extensive experience in the automotive field as a technician, service manager, shop owner and technical writer. He is a senior curriculum developer who provides training programs for automotive and truck inspection and repair programs. He has provided on-board diagnostic system, OBDII and automotive training all over the country. He is the owner, curriculum developer and instructor for Automotive Technician Training Services (ATTS) in Mahopac, N.Y.

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