Pegisys Essential Techniques Training with Jim Wilson

Instructor Jim Wilson covers most of the basic functions of how to navigate and perform common diagnostic tests using the Pegisys Scan Tool. Learn how to use your Pegisys in both lab scope mode and also perform diagnostic testing. Labscope information covers the ignition systems, KV, DMM and freezeframe. This program covers diagnostic trouble codes like

  • P0300 – misfire codes
  • P0171 – lean conditions
  • P0101 – MAF codes

Jim also covers non-continuous-mode $06 with the Pegisys Scan Tool and hands-on training with 2009 Ford Fusion and 1996 Ford Explorer covering DTC scans, Global OBDII, data streams, readiness monitors and more. Expand your knowledge with the Pegisys Scan Tool and order the Pegisys Essential Training with Jim Wilson!

Runtime: 60 minutes

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson