Misfire Diagnostics with Jim Wilson

Some of the most frustrating codes for a technician to handle are the p 300s. This class illustrates how to reduce your diagnostic time by teaching you how to utilize the tools you already have in your shop to complete a successful and efficient fix for your misfire. Jim Wilson’s misfire diagnostics class provides you with the knowledge and confidence needed to handle your next misfire, by recognizing solutions for tough codes and understanding the correct tools that are fit for the job. Misfires are from fuel, ignition or compression related problems and different tools can isolate the cause. Learn how to diagnose the source of misfires using a scan tool, lab scope, as well as new exhaust pulse sensing technology. Covers the procedures and steps to fix a P0300 code for better diagnostics. Learn how to determine and properly diagnose vehicle misfires with Jim Wilson’s misfire diagnostic class, by understanding if the misfire is ignition, fuel or compression related by understanding scan data and ignition waveforms on the scope. Jim also demonstrates the use of Mode $06 information to determine the misfire, pinpointed to a specific cylinder. Cut your test time in half by ordering this misfire diagnostics class.

  • Types of misfires – Electrical, Lean Fuel Charge, Rich Fuel Charge, Density, Primary Triggering Problems
  • Tools for finding misfires and how to use them for testing
  • Using mode $06 information to determine the misfire, pinpointed to a specific cylinder
  • New Exhaust Pulse Sensing Technology!
  • Tons of hands-on testing examples to reduce diagnostic time

Runtime: 75 minutes

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson