Keeping The Smoke In The Engine Control Module

Have you ever gotten to the end of a 15-page troubleshooting flowchart and found that the last step was to “Replace the ECM”? Even if you are certain you did all the tests and checks right, you’re likely a little nervous about recommending an expensive part without knowing with 100-percent certainty that it was bad. And if you didn’t do all the tests right, and installed a new Engine Control Module, you just might damage the new one because you didn’t find the REASON the original ECM went bad in the first place! As they say, “The ECM is the MOST expensive fuse on the car!”

Want to avoid that possibility? Then don’t miss out on this FREE webinar, thanks to our sponsor Mitchell 1! Hosted by Motor Age’s Pete Meier, and TST’s G. Jerry Truglia, this webinar will show you the tests and checks you MUST perform to verify the faulty ECM and to ensure that the new one will work as designed.

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