In-Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diagnostics

Instructor John Thornton presents this in-depth class on ‘In Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diagnostics.’ As you know, for many years in our industry we have used a compression gauge to assist us in diagnosing mechanical problems. Today, electronics have vastly improved the techniques we can use to analyze in cylinder mechanical problems. An in cylinder pressure transducer test can provide you with many quick diagnostic indications. Using an in cylinder pressure transducer, for example, we can determine if cam timing is correct or not, we can even do this on single or double overhead cam engines. In many cases, we can also determine if the exhaust valves are too tight, or even too loose. We can also verify if we have problems with seal between the valve face and the seat, whether it be intake or exhaust. In addition to those previously mentioned, there are many other benefits to using in cylinder pressure transducer testing. This John Thornton training program will make you more efficient at diagnosing mechanical problems then ever before.

Runtime: 270 minutes

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