Improving Your Diagnostic Efficiency

The only real commodity you or the shop has is time. Time equals money, and an inefficient use of that time is money lost that cannot be recovered. The question is: where are you losing the most time in your repair process and what can you do to work more efficiently? Typically, most of your time is lost during diagnosis, which is why on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021 at 7:00pm EST we’re gathering three leading technical experts to show you how to shift your diagnostic process into overdrive! In this FREE technical webinar sponsored by Opus IVS, you will learn a basic set of principles, strategic processes and specific techniques that can be used to efficiently diagnose any vehicle in your bay regardless of manufacturer.

PLUS, there will be a live vehicle demonstration showing a practical application of the methods discussed. Sign up today to learn how to strengthen your diagnostic process for better efficiency!


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