Hybrid EV Maintenance Opportunities-HVAC

The service opportunities for hybrid and electric vehicles are increasing for all shops. HVAC periodic maintenance and troubleshooting are areas that all shops should be paying attention to.  This course covers Hybrid/EV HVAC system components, inspection, diagnostics and maintenance procedures required to identify problems as well as keep them in optimal operating condition.

Topics Covered:

  • HEV/EV HVAC system diagnostic and maintenance opportunities
  • Understanding of the differences in types of compressors and HVAC components
  • Testing & monitoring and bi-directional control
  • Using proper tools, equipment and OE specified refrigerant and lubricants


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe common HEV-BEV HVAC components
  • Explain the maintenance needed on HEV-BEV’s
  • Understand the importance of oils and coolants
  • Determine common mistakes technicians may make
  • Perform on car HVAC diagnostics

Runtime = 47 minutes
Credit Hours = 1.5

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson