Fuel Trim Diagnostics with Jim Wilson

With the cost of fuel today, gas mileage is more important to your customers than ever. Have you had customers complaining of lost engine power and poor fuel economy? Would you like to sell more fuel injection service work? AVI can help with Fuel Trim Diagnostics. In this program Jim Wilson shows you how to use fuel trim as a diagnostic tool to test certain sensors and to verify your auto repairs. He explains how things like high mileage, dirty injectors, lazy O2 sensors or coking affect short term fuel trim. He also shows you how and what sensors affect fuel trim and how the catalytic converter is involved. Wouldn’t you like to learn more about fuel trim so that you can help improve your customer’s engine power and fuel economy?

  • The answer to where should proper fuel trim values be
  • Where to find all the data to get the job done
  • Live data, setups, lots of tips and great tech logic

Runtime: 45 minutes

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson