Fuel System Testing Strategies with Bill Fulton

Fuel System Testing Strategies gives you comprehensive tactics that begin at the fuel tank and extend through the injectors and into the combustion chamber. Bill Fulton covers lean code diagnostics, injector drive signals, catalyst failure detection strategies, global scan data diagnostics, and the GM fuel enable mode. He also shows you how to graph out MAF sensor performance, analyze the electrical and mechanical integrity of the fuel pump/injectors, and pin point lean density misfires. Do you know the proper procedures for a fuel volume test of the fuel pump? Bill will explain how! Additionally, Bill details the data operation of the 4 types of O2 sensors and the easy way to stress test the fuel pump.

  • Lean Code Diagnostics
  • Pin Pointing Lean density Misfires
  • Graphing out the MAF Sensor performance
  • Analyzing the electronic & Mechanical Integrity of the Fuel Pump and Injectors
  • Proper Procedures to do a Fuel Volume Test of the Fuel Pump
  • Injector Drive Signals
  • Catalyst failure detection strategies
  • Electronic Returnless Fuel system (Ford)
  • GM Fuel Enable Mode
  • Exhaust Back Pressure testing procedures
  • Explanation of the Data & Operation of the 4 Types of O2 Sensors (2000 & up for Asian 2005 & up for Domestic)
  • Tons of Hands on testing with the Modis

Runtime: 150 minutes

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson