F.R.E.D. Busses The Body with Dave Hobbs

The body control module (BCM) and CAN technology on GM vehicles is very complex and is central to the control system. Like it or not these systems are here to stay. Every tech needs to know how to diagnose and repair these GM specific systems and this program will provide the information you need. In this class David Hobbs takes the mystery out of testing and repairing problems on interior electronic FREDs. He explains what BCM’s do, BCM inputs and outputs, multiplexing and bussing. He also covers power moding on awake and asleep modules, battery rundown and load shedding.

  • Fixing problems using configuration (programming) and flashing
  • IBECs – What are these? Integrated bussed electrical centers
  • Lots of detailed schematics, illustrations, tech tips and case studies

Runtime: 90 minutes

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson