Expanding Your A/C Diagnostics

Are you still relying on pressure gauges and thermometers to diagnose your customers’ A/C complaints? With most systems computer controlled and many offering multi-zone temperature control, traditional testing methods may not be enough to lead you to the answers. So, plan on joining Motor Age Director of Training Pete Meier and TST President G. Truglia for this informative and FREE webcast that will show you advanced A/C diagnostic techniques you can apply in your shop right away.

That’s right! Pete and G. are finally back together again and will be “LIVE” on May 22, 2021 to present “Expanding Your A/C Diagnostics”. The webinar will begin at 7:00 p.m. Eastern and is offered to you FREE, thanks to our sponsor Mitchell 1! Can’t make the “live” event? This presentation will also be available for review after the live webcast has been completed.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll discuss:

Why a scan tool should be the first tool you choose for your diagnosis
Enthalpy and A/C troubleshooting – Does it work?
Mating temperature readings with your pressure gauges
Essential checks you may not be making
The importance of finding ALL the leaks


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