EVAP Systems – Operation and Troubleshooting

In EVAP Systems – Operation and Troubleshooting, Pete Meier and G. Truglia will go over the operation of a variety of EVAP system designs and demonstrate the testing of the various components. They will cover system operation, vent and purge valves, lines, the charcoal canister, gas tank, as well as gas caps and “capless” systems.

The pair also will show you a number of techniques you can use to find even small leaks using a smoke machine, ultrasound and CO2. A downloadable handout will be provided.

Motor Age webinars are unique! These webcasts are live and in real time, and hosted in G.’s New York shop. Real cars and components are used in the demos, and both Pete and G. are available to answer any questions you have during – and even after! – the webinar!


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