Building a Meaningful and Productive App

Keith Manich with ATI can help you get a head start on a new 2020 approach with Building a Meaningful and Productive Apprentice Program, debuting Nov. 25 exclusively through ABRN.

Manich will identify the steps needed to create an apprenticeship program that when followed will provide excellent employees. He will explain how this starts by first describing and providing detail on job WIIFMs and how they can succeed as collision repair technicians and then walks through the developing of their collision repair skills through a step by step process that will improve their abilities month by month.

A program like this will introduce them into the team environment and working with a seasoned mentor. The objective would be to develop a C to mid-level B technician through this program.

Join Keith Manich, collision director at ATI, as he lays out what you should look for in your shop that lends itself to an SOP and steps to put these documents together.


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  • 1 Lesson