ASE Study Guide A2 Automatic Transmission On-Demand

The purpose of the A2 ASE pre-test training is to focus on the part of the A2 that has the highest failure rate: Diagnostics. Instructor Wayne Colonna will cover fundamentals of the torque converter and planetary gear train operation, as well as understanding component application charts, and ending with knowing the difference between a solenoid performance failure and a solenoid electrical failure. A comprehensive understanding of these subjects will enable the technician to determine the proper diagnostic routine regardless of the type of transmission being diagnosed.

ASE exams are generic so they can apply to any vehicle. A variety of transmissions are covered in video, focusing on principals of operation and diagnostics that would apply to any style computer controlled automatic transmission.

Topics covered include:

  • Torque Converters
  • Planetary Systems
  • One-way clutch device
  • Engine Braking
  • Friction/Band Elements
  • Various Shift Strategies
  • Performance Codes
  • Solenoid Electrical Codes

The book also contains: Illustrations, diagrams, charts, DTC descriptions, transmission gear ratio charts, detailed solenoid diagrams, valve body diagrams, accumulator diagrams, pressure tap locations and “integral cooler” information, line pressure specs, case passage identification with “integral cooler” and “remote cooler,” and much more!

Note: This online video also includes access to the ASE A2 Test Prep Study Guide E-Book PDF version.

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Course Includes

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