Anatomy of a Waveform with Bill Fulton

In Anatomy of the Waveform, Bill Fulton covers the diagnostic value of a secondary ignition waveform on DI, DIS, COP systems and a compression waveform viewed dynamically with the engine running using a DSO and pressure transducer. The class explains rich cylinder conditions, mechanical integrity issues, retarded value timing problems, and misfire detection strategies. Bill also tells you about the 4 types of compression tests and cylinder leak down tests. Dynamically viewing spark timing and fixed high secondary resistance problems also included. Most importantly, Bill shows you how to diagnose CAM phase problems on variable CAM timing engines!

  • Lean Density Misfire
  • Rich Cylinder conditions
  • Mechanical Integrity Issues
  • Retarded Valve Timing problems
  • The 4 types of Compression tests
  • Cylinder Leak Down tests
  • Dynamically viewing Spark Timing
  • Fixed High Secondary Resistance Problems detected from Secondary
  • Misfire detection Strategies
  • Diagnosing CAM Phase problems on Variable CAM Timing Engines

Runtime: 90 minutes

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson