Advantages of Mode $06 with Jim Wilson

Although most technicians today have heard of mode $06, many are not familiar with what it is and how it can help them in their diagnostics. If you fall into this category then look no further. MODE $06 information is not easy to come by, but AVI and instructor Jim Wilson can help you unleash the power of MODE $06 in your shop. Jim will show you where the monitors are that are associated with MODE $06 and explains the differences between non-continuous and continuous monitors. You will learn the preliminaries for MODE $06 tests, how to run the tests and if the test is passed or failed. Wilson covers monitor test results, how to confirm the monitor has run so you know the data is correct and the monitor readiness screen. Using a hands-on demonstration of GM and Honda manufacturer websites, Jim provides information on where to find MODE $06 information (TID’s, CID’s and MID’s) on OEM websites. Although this program applies to all 96 and up OBDII vehicles, Jim provides a demonstration of how to apply MODE $06 to Ford’s and GM’s.

  • DTC’s and Failure Records and shows you how this will help with MODE $06.
  • C.A.N. Compliant Vehicles: Looking at MODE $06 & Scanner Procedure, What is Different with CAN
  • Verifying with MODE $06, Flashing/Reprogramming

Runtime: 60 minutes

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson