Advanced Chrysler Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Bill Fulton takes you into the shop for live vehicle training. He will cover APPS and TPS sensors, Networking & Bussing, CCD wires and bus circuits, KOER and KOEO testing, Cam and Crank diagnostics and Auto Shut Down & Fuel Pump Relay Schematics and testing.

Topics Covered:

  • Electronic Throttle Control: Hard faults & functional testing
  • NGC 5 Volt Power Supply: Missing scan data
  • Problems with exhaust back pressure and too much EGR-why this happens and how to diagnose the problem
  • 7 Hemi Engine Variations: Avoid inductive crossfiring when rerouting spark plug wires, Drive by wire and COP/DIS systems
  • Over 30 mins of hands-on diagnostic testing with Modis
  • & more

Runtime: 2.5 hours

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson