Addressing ADAS Calibration for Modern Service and Body Shops

If you work on ADAS-equipped vehicles for general maintenance, service or repair after an accident, this new live event is must-see for you. Technicians of all levels will benefit from the live online training offered only from Autel, Motor AgePTEN and ABRN. Suited for all general repair and collision repair shops, and looking at Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in how they have evolved over the last 20 years (and especially in the last two to three years), the live webinar dives into the increasing number of ADAS calibrations that need to be performed today and in the future.

Topics we will discuss during this webinar include:

  • Why ADAS calibration is important to your business today and in the future
  • Common services which may require one or more ADAS calibrations
  • What you need to perform ADAS calibrations in your shop
  • ADAS calibration best practices
  • Dynamic vs. static calibration and where the industry is heading
  • Common myths and misconceptions regarding ADAS calibration
  • Industry trends


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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson