Adding Hybrid And EV Service To Your Shop

Hybrids have been traveling American roads longer than some techs have been alive, yet shops in general have yet to embrace the service opportunities these aging vehicles offer. And with the OE focus growing on the development and production of EV-only models, isn’t now the time to position yourself as THE shop in town customers can come to for electric vehicle repairs?

But you must start with understanding how these HV systems work and how to work safely around them. Then you can build on testing and servicing them. Testing HV batteries, for example, is a growing source of revenue as they near their useful service life and begin to rob vehicle owners of those high MPG numbers. Identifying isolation faults in the Motor/Generators is another ticket to a high revenue item. 

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Founder/President of Technicians Service Training (TST), G. Jerry Truglia has extensive experience in the automotive field as a technician, service manager, shop owner and technical writer. He is a senior curriculum developer who provides training programs for automotive and truck inspection and repair programs. He has provided on-board diagnostic system, OBDII and automotive training all over the country. He is the owner, curriculum developer and instructor for Automotive Technician Training Services (ATTS) in Mahopac, N.Y.


Pete Meier has been in the automotive aftermarket for 50 years, starting as a service station attendant while in high school. He’s earned ASE Master Automotive certification, has wrenched on just about everything that runs on gasoline, taught in both private and public vocational schools, trained technicians at regional and national events, and served as the technical editor for Motor Age magazine and later as the EBM Director of Digital Content. During his tenure at Motor Age, he led the publication into the Internet age and was the first to bring an industry trade publication to social media and created the Motor Age YouTube channel, now with over 109,000 subscribers. He was also the first in the industry, in partnership with TST, to host “live” training webinars in a shop atmosphere, making online training as close to a “hands-on” experience as possible. Today, he is the Training Manager (Social Content) for Dorman Products and is excited about the opportunity to bring even more resources to our industry’s working men and women, to help them face the challenges of today’s (and tomorrow’s) technologies and to continue his personal quest to “advance the automotive service professional.

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