A Professional Approach To Battery/Starting/Charging Systems Service And Diagnosis

We all know how electrified the modern automobile has become. For these systems to function properly, the vehicle battery has to be in good condition. What helps keep the battery healthy? The charging system, of course! And what pulls on the battery harder than any other component – especially on vehicles using “Start/Stop” technology? The vehicle’s starter.

Yes, we know. The inspection, service and troubleshooting of these systems sounds too basic, doesn’t it? Then you don’t know Pete and G. too well! No matter the topic, Pete and G. always guarantee that you’ll learn at least ONE thing you didn’t know before – and that will only make you a better technician in the process.

Plan to join them as they host another Motor Age Training/TST webinar on August 20, 2022, starting at 6 p.m. Eastern. Registration is free, with the webinar made possible by our friends at Duralast! Take a moment to thank them for supporting you and your training! Learn more about the entire Duralast line-up at www.DuralastParts.com

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