Bad Connections PHEV and BEV J1772 EVSE Diagnostics




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Your customer says their plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or electric vehicle (EV) “Doesn’t always take a charge.  Do I need a new cable?”  You might ask yourself, “is it their charge cable, the vehicle charge (J1772) plug, or something else?”

The future of plug-in vehicle problems is now!  IN addition to performing diagnostics on the vehicle, today’s skilled technician must be prepared for the new world of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.  Power supply and connection  problems that may be on or off the vehicle are presented in this  compelling AVI program brought to you by Delphi Technologies instructor Dave Hobbs. There’s a lot more to plug in and electric vehicles than what’s on the car.  Find out more in Bad Connections for P H E V and E V and join the expanding world of EV service.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss electrified vehicle components
  • Apply correct safety procedures during electrified vehicle service5.0
  • Identify proper tools required for electrified vehicle service
  • Improve understanding of J1772 and other related systems on PHEVs and BEVs
  • Describe the role AC power in PHEV and BEVs
  • Diagnose EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)
  • List service tips for PHEV and BEVs

Runtime = 2 hours 40 minutes Credit Hours = 3.25