Intermittent Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Instructor Bill Fulton dives into intermittent failure diagnostics. Covering Import and Domestic models using scanners, multi-meters, jumper wires, and O-scopes. You’ll not only see how each different model can be diagnosed easier and faster using Bill’s methods of tracing intermittent failures, but also how to determine those failures are the actual “cure” for those intermittent problem. Instructor Bill Fulton will go through more than 15 different intermittent problems that he has seen in his years of testing and diagnosing today’s cars. Each test case shows varieties of intermittent failures. Bill will also show how to use your O-scope to isolate and find an intermittent problem. Instructor Bill Fulton is one of AVI’s best instructors out there. You’ll come away with more confidence in determining intermittent failures than ever before. The video also comes with an in-depth study manual that has even more tips and tricks to finding intermittent problems.

Runtime: 180 minutes

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