Essentials of Performance Tuning: Take me to the P.R.O.M.

Given the fact that all modern vehicles are equipped with complex computers that dictate the general functionality and driving characteristics of that vehicle, it’s no surprise performance tuning has gained the amount of popularity it has. The fact of the matter is, even with light modifications like a cold air intake and/or exhaust, without a tune, horsepower is lost within those modifications robbing them of their ability to help your car breathe easier. In this highly requested course on performance tuning, Ron Bilyeu introduces you to the basics of performance tuning and what areas of the P.R.O.M you need to address with the addition of certain modifications. Ron explains that with today’s modern vehicles, the best thing to do what attempting modifications is to have a solid plan. Most every modification requires an additional modification to complement one another in order to get the most power. A great tuner will know where little extras are needed and how to address these changes in the P.R.O.M in order to maximize horsepower. Course Objectives:

  • Understanding horsepower
  • Perform a Throttle Body Upgrade
  • Perform a Intake Manifold Upgrade
  • Perform a Camshaft/Valvetrain Upgrade
  • Understand High Flow Headers
  • Understand General Programing
  • Recognize Idle Control Parameters
  • Understand Spark Tables
  • Understand Mass Air Transfer Function
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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson